You had a bright idea and it meant going out on your own. Whether you bought a fledgling operation from a relative or made an investment, the fact is you put everything on the line for what you believed in. And, then you proceeded to really invest. Not just money, more money, time, relationships, and that thing we call sweat equity. It’s paying off. You knew it would. You were always confident, weren’t you? No doubts, not you, not ever. Not even at 3 AM?


Each hire was a grueling decision. Your palms got sweaty and your heart pounded but you pushed through and did it. And, to your amazement most of the chances you took paid off. It was like drinking from a fire-hose and being shot out of a cannon all at the same time. Wow, what I ride! Fasten your seat belts. Inc. 500, here we come, in all our glory.


Bankers. You want my 3-year plan? Hey, I’m trying to meet next week’s payroll. Why do you always want to give me an umbrella when the sun shines and take it away when the storm clouds are on the horizon? Trust me, I’ve got this covered. I know where the work is coming from. Have I ever missed a payment? Have I ever missed a payroll? Come close, sure but, hey, who hasn’t?


Okay, you’re bigger, now. You aren’t a Ma and Pa shop anymore. Now there are hedgehogs and buses and making sure everyone is in the right seat. And, just about when you have that figured out someone is pounding you about KPIs and big, hairy audacious goals. What’s your style, collaborative or command and control? IQ isn’t good enough, now you need emotional intelligence, too. You had a bright idea and it’s gotten a little complicated. Want to make it simple, again?


There’s a group of like-minded business owners that trade ideas like kids trade baseball cards. They are smart business people and they come together to get smarter. This is where street-wise and book-wise meet. This is that place where you can always let your hair down and your back will always be covered.

This is about making a commitment to 12 other members and better, yet, making a commitment to yourself. Four hours, once a month. Confidentiality is required and you’ll sign an agreement. No competitors are allowed. And, you drive the discussion. No matter what’s planned, what’s gnawing at you trumps anything on the agenda.


Check out our bios. We have built companies from the ground up. We have lead and played significant roles in private ones and even mega sized public ones. We have partnered with and been certified by the best of the best. We facilitate and coach at every forum and every juncture.

Want to test drive an interaction? Call us. Want to test drive a Forum? You have to join because we don’t kick tires, we focus on our members and their results.

We meet at The Strategy Forums, which is our own facility designed to encourage interaction and free your creative juices. Our meetings are monthly and the calendar is set a year in advance. There are no excuses. Only results.

Let’s talk and see if this is right for you.

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