So you have it. Get out the bullhorn and see what happens. After all, they report to you so they have to listen, right? They will execute exactly as required because you made it very clear, right? Talk to Veterans this way, Boomers that way, Gen X this way and Gen Y that way. Before long you’ll feel as twisted as a pretzel. Do you find yourself longing for the good old days when command and control really worked?


You weren’t handed this prestigious honor. You worked your buns off, you earned your stripes, you paid your dues and in exchange you have been granted a seat at the proverbial table. This is where the decisions are made. This is where the CFO sits at the right hand of the CEO and the future is revealed. And, whether you are a shareholder, or a stakeholder you are expected to weigh in and drive the business forward. They are looking at you to be the starting quarterback so you’d better not be warming the bench.


Sounds easy but we get pulled into a whirlwind of tactical executions. The minute we get strategic we see things falling apart from an execution standpoint and when we bury ourselves in the tactics, of course our trajectory can go astray. We are so wrapped up in talent utilization that we can lose sight of our own talent utilization. Who is holding you accountable to what’s best for you?


How are others doing it? How are others driving to achieve results in a curious economy? Don’t fool yourself. No one knows it all and these times are too convoluted to figure it out on your own.


This is about a group of like-minded people who come to together to get smarter and make better decisions. When’s the last time you had a group of really smart people noodle an issue with only you in mind? No competitors are allowed. Confidentiality is required and you’ll sign an agreement. Make a commitment to 12 other executives to learn, to engage, to show up for 4 hours once a month. Plus, you will drive the agenda. We deal with what’s on your mind and what’s going on at your company. If we need experts we’ll bring them in.


Can you test-drive a meeting? Not if you are kicking tires ‘cause that ruins the meeting for the rest of us. Cost? Forums are $500 a month and billed to your company, quarterly. Where? Meetings are held at The Strategy Forums, which is our facility designed to encourage interaction and free your creative juices. When? Once a month from 8 AM to noon.  Ask for the schedule of specific dates.

There are two Key Executive Forums depending on whether you use the bullhorn or have stashed it for the time being. The Key Executive – Leading through Influence forum is for those who may not have any reporting authority, but still know how to keep things moving. Either way you will get better at leading, your company will benefit and the people will follow.


Check out our bios. We have built companies from the ground up. We have lead and played significant roles in private ones and even mega sized public ones. We have partnered with and been certified by the best of the best. We facilitate and coach at every forum and every juncture.

Want to test drive an interaction? Call us. Want to test drive a Forum? You have to join because we don’t kick tires, we focus on our members and their results.

We meet at The Strategy Forums, which is our own facility designed to encourage interaction and free your creative juices. Our meetings are monthly and the calendar is set a year in advance. There are no excuses. Only results.

Let’s talk and see which one is right for you.

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