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The Strategy Forums provides a unique combination of structured Peer Exchange Forums, Leadership and Team Development, and Assessments. We connect bright, inquisitive leaders to one another and to the knowledge they need to drive profitable, sustainable organizations. We bring talent and best practices from multiple industries to you and your business.

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So, Why The Strategy Forums?
We know what it’s like to not have all the answers, to be out on your own, and to have a vision and not be sure how to get there. You need feedback from others and smart people who consistently come together to challenge and support one another. Our experts are accomplished entrepreneurs and executives whose accolades include everything from Inc. 500 rankings to Entrepreneur of the Year … Simply, we’ve been there.
First, we listen. We really listen. Your business is distinctive and your team dynamics are truly unique. We cull solutions and programs from a myriad of external resources and formulate the right program, at the right investment, and at the right time for you, your team, and your company.

And then we don’t walk away. We stay with you to make sure the learning is not just intellectualized, but absorbed and practiced. 

We believe in leveraging assessments to help you understand yourself and others. The insights from these assessments provide an outstanding baseline for building simple, actionable plans, and are the foundation for establishing meaningful coaching relationships.

“No one – not professional athletes, not software billionaires, and not even geniuses – ever makes it alone.”

Malcolm Gladwell


We work with you to achieve maximum results, no matter if you’re a start-up, midsize company or a Fortune 500 organization. Our clients represent a vast array of industries, including including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Technology and Consumer Products. And our mission? To help you realize your full potential.

Forum: CEO

“The Strategy Forums is an excellent platform for our overall executive development. It uses an integrated meeting format for Key Executive Forums and CEO Forums that provides peer interaction with individual company executive development. The focus is on the development of the individual executive in the context of the overall company needs. The Strategy Forums provides exceptional value for its modest cost.”

R. St. ClairCEO

Forum: Key Executive – Leading Through Authority

“In this new age of business we can be stretched further than ever before, and like it or not we all need support.  The Strategy Forums provides me with a safe, independent, and practical resource where I can openly discuss issues I may have before me as well as contribute to dialogue surrounding other member’s issues.  We all gain valuable insight by participating in each others discussion. Now, it’s not quite that simple – the dialogue challenges you and often forces you out of your comfort zone to seek new and innovative strategies.  This approach is fostered by both the facilitator and the incredibly diverse and dynamic group of members. I learn at least one or two new things every month and I have gained access to a whole new team of colleagues that I wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to know. Relationships drive the world and my relationship with The Strategy Forums and its members is one I value.”

Doug McCoigeDirector of Operations

Forum: Key Executive – Leading Through Authority

“I am thankful for the insights and honest perspectives I receive from my LTA Forum members. I have found both personal and professional growth as a result of the feedback each month.”

Dora LutzFounder & President
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