The work we do is transformational. 

We are not interested in these concepts being simply intellectualized but truly internalized so transformation can happen.

By allowing executives to pause, reflect, think, engage, and practice, we increase the opportunity for real change to occur.

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Executive Team Development

It is no secret. It is all about results. We are fans of Patrick Lencioni and have used his work to guide teams to a higher level of performance for more than a decade. Teamwork is not an undervalued asset but an, often, unattainable asset. Built on a foundation of trust, they engage in productive conflict. They don’t shy away when they believe strongly in a direction or philosophy or an approach.

Our teams learn to commit to one another and to the actions they have agreed are critical to the business. And, they don’t hide behind the CEO or president when it comes to accountability. They hold one another accountable and allow the CEO to keep casting the vision instead of babysitting the process of getting there.

Our toolbox is loaded with resources beyond Lencioni. It may be Tribal Leadership and triadic relationships or a myriad of other tools. The one thing we get is performance. The one thing we know is how to clear out the emotional baggage and get everyone aligned and moving at the same pace and in the same direction.

Executive Coaching

It has been said, “What got you here, won’t get you there.” Do you know what unique talents and skills got you where you are and if they will serve you getting to the next level? We focus exclusively on CEOs, presidents, business owners, and key executives. We work with high performing individuals and critical strategic players helping them to reach even greater heights.

Are you a command and control or collaborative type? Is your style getting you and the organization where you want to go? Could you move faster? Are you creating an emotional wake at every twist and turn? Or, do you just want to be sure you are maximizing your energy?

If you need someone to tell you the truth you have come to the right place. We will help you to see what you haven’t been able to see. We will help you develop a plan, hold you accountable and keep you on track. Our involvement will be as little or as much as you like. We have one requirement…progress.


Got a team, got a Board, got an executive session, got any type of important meeting? Who facilitates? Do you? Are you able to think objectively and creatively and still keep the ball rolling?

A good facilitator will drive an agenda, encourage deep conversation, guarantee equal participation, and call out inappropriate behaviors. Do you diverge and then converge? Do you allow just enough blue sky but not so much that your heads are in the clouds and nothing gets agreed to or accomplished? Does everyone leave feeling energized or feeling their time could have been better spent? Did you get merely compliance or real commitment? Do you ever wonder if people agreed just to get out of the room or did they really think that was a good idea?

A good facilitator can be worth their weight in gold. They can keep partners focused, teams aligned, and people’s creative juices flowing. They can keep side conversations out of the room and electronics relegated to the sidelines. Want to make strides, participate in and even enjoy the process? Give us a call.


We believe in assessments. Not any assessments but the ones we have carefully vetted. And, the ones that are scientifically proven to reflect Best Practices.

We all have our own hard wiring and then a set of acquired soft skills. How’s that combination been working for you? Is it vaulting you to the stratosphere or tying you down? These assessments are the objective data that become our roadmap to get you where you want to go.

Don’t get us wrong; they are a tool and only a tool. It is our real world business experience that gives us the edge when it comes to interpreting the data. We sift though recommendations like a hot knife through butter. We distill the objective commentary and use the assessment results as guideposts.

We have learned a long time ago that there is a Holy Grail and it isn’t a single data point but a collection of facts, intuition, knowledge, and experience that reveals the answers.


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