There’s a seat at that executive table for HR and your job is to fill it. You are the strategic partner and keeper of all things people related. Businesses are quick to say “it’s all about the people”, but not so quick to agree when the dollars dictate a different solution.

The words “human resources” now encompass every- thing from performance management to employment law to organizational design to training and compensation and the list goes on and on. Your job is to have a handle on it all. Deep expertise is fine but a working knowledge of A to Z is what the business requires.


Walking a tightrope? You live on a tightrope. Your middle name ought to be balance. You balance the needs of employees with the needs of the business. You balance the short-term needs with the long-term goals. You balance the legal implications, the personal implications, and every other implication there could be. You even try to balance your own life and work. How’s that working for you?


Remember the old circus act and the one guy who had to keep the plates spinning? Well, he doesn’t have anything on you. You can do that, too, plus be a good coach and give feedback to everyone from the janitor to the president. Be direct, make it meaningful, be constructive, and remember how each generation needs to be handled. Does anybody remember how you need to be handled?


Enter the HR Forum where once a month for 4 hours you meet with equally experienced colleagues in a highly confidential setting. Here’s where you hone your decision making skills, here’s where you see how other’s navigate what’s mandatory for HR and what’s a prior- ity for their businesses. Challenge these members with your toughest stuff and watch how they think and solve problems with only you in mind.


You do. You tell us what’s important to you and we deliver. We’ll deliver attorneys and advisors to give you their best solutions and the latest information. There’s always an agenda, but your challenges will trump whatever we have planned. Your competitors are not allowed. And, the group taps out at 14. Confidentiality is required and you’ll sign an agreement.


Can you test-drive a meeting? Not if you are kicking tires ‘cause that ruins the meeting for the rest of us. Cost? Forums are $500 a month and billed to your company, quarterly. Where? Meetings are held at The Strategy Forums, which is our facility designed to encourage interaction and free your creative juices. When? The HR Forum meets once a month from 8 AM to noon. Ask for the schedule of specific dates.


Check out our bios. We have built companies from the ground up. We have lead and played significant roles in private ones and even mega sized public ones. We have partnered with and been certified by the best of the best. We facilitate and coach at every forum and every juncture.

Want to test drive an interaction? Call us. Want to test drive a Forum? You have to join because we don’t kick tires, we focus on our members and their results.

We meet at The Strategy Forums, which is our own facility designed to encourage interaction and free your creative juices. Our meetings are monthly and the calendar is set a year in advance. There are no excuses. Only results.

Let’s talk and see if this is right for you. Contact us today.

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