Truman said it best, “the buck stops here.” Whether you got it from your Dad, bought it, built it from the ground up or someone pays you to run it, it’s all the same. If it makes money you’re a hero. If it loses money you question yourself and others question your compe- tency. The story hasn’t changed for decades. Nor, has the economy. One industry is up, another down. A few years are good, a few are lousy. So, what’s new?

Do you ever wonder at the end of the day, what your real job is? Keep the company solvent, make a profit, control expenses, motivate the people, make the best strategic decisions, keep the Board happy, make the bank comfortable, execute flawlessly, keep clients satisfied and the list goes on. Oh, don’t forget to save time for that thing called balance. It’s almost a joke. Yes, you have an executive team. And, you can count on them. And, for the most part you pride yourself in how well they perform. But at the end of the day, where does that buck stop?

Let’s face it, you didn’t get to where you are because you don’t have a backbone or couldn’t make a deci- sion. You got to where you are because you’re tough and you made people believe your answer was the best answer. But, what got you here may not get you where you need to go next.


There’s a thing called a lifeline. It’s real and it keeps you tethered no matter how stormy the seas get. It keeps you grounded no matter how much zapping is going on around you. It tells you the truth whether you like the sound of it or not. It’s a group of like-minded people with no ax to grind that come together to get smarter and make better decisions.

This is where smart business people go to get smarter. This is where ideas, knowledge and perspectives are traded like kids trade baseball cards. This is where you learn to laugh at recessions and grid your loins for whatever the economy or the government can throw your way. This is that place where you can always let your hair down and your back will always be covered.


You do. No matter what’s planned, what’s gnawing at you trumps anything on our agenda. Rub shoulders with others who are driving strategy and achieving results. Challenge these members with your toughest business issues and watch what happens. This is about making a commitment to 12 other members and bet- ter, yet, making a commitment to yourself. Four hours, once a month where confidentiality and trust are key. Confidentiality is required and you’ll sign an agreement. No competitors are allowed.


Can you test-drive a meeting? Not if you are kicking tires ‘cause that ruins the meeting for the rest of us. Cost? Forums are $500 a month and billed to your company, quarterly. Where? Meetings are held at The Strategy Forums, which is our facility designed to encourage interaction and free your creative juices. When?

The CEO Forum meets once a month.  We gather at 12:30 for lunch together.  The meeting starts promptly at 1:00 and ends at 5:00. Ask for a list of the scheduled meeting dates.


Check out our bios. We have built companies from the ground up. We have lead and played significant roles in private ones and even mega sized public ones. We have partnered with and been certified by the best of the best. We facilitate and coach at every forum and every juncture.

Want to test drive an interaction? Call us. Want to test drive a Forum? You have to join because we don’t kick tires, we focus on our members and their results.

Let’s talk and see which one is right for you. Contact us today.

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