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John Donne said it best, “No man is an island, entire of itself…”

All of our Forums are about connecting. They are about recognizing that we are all connected, and that through these connections we give ourselves the opportunity to learn, to teach, to engage, and to grow.

In October 2004, the CFO Forum launched, quickly followed by the HR Forum in 2005. Today, there are six Forums that are all dedicated to select individuals that value feedback, ideas, different perspectives, and knowledge. Together we are seekers and together we seek better ideas, better solutions, and perhaps even different (and better) paradigms.

We have helped transform hundreds of our clients’ strategies from back-of-the-napkin dreams to better-than-I-ever-imagined realities. We have business leaders from all types of industries and roles. These leaders share real-life experiences – both the good and bad – with one another to help improve everyone’s business…and life.

The most treasured experience is when I come to the table and you come to the table and together we go where neither of us could have gone individually.

Has this ever happened to you? You had a thought and someone validated it…added to it…and that idea blossomed before you. This is what we do. This is why we exist.

We are a membership organization dedicated to connecting bright, inquisitive leaders to one another and to the knowledge they need to drive profitable, sustainable organizations.


Forum: CEO

“The Strategy Forums is an excellent platform for our overall executive development. It uses an integrated meeting format for Key Executive Forums and CEO Forums that provides peer interaction with individual company executive development. The focus is on the development of the individual executive in the context of the overall company needs. The Strategy Forums provides exceptional value for its modest cost.”

R. St. ClairCEO

Forum: Key Executive – Leading Through Authority

“In this new age of business we can be stretched further than ever before, and like it or not we all need support.  The Strategy Forums provides me with a safe, independent, and practical resource where I can openly discuss issues I may have before me as well as contribute to dialogue surrounding other member’s issues.  We all gain valuable insight by participating in each others discussion. Now, it’s not quite that simple – the dialogue challenges you and often forces you out of your comfort zone to seek new and innovative strategies.  This approach is fostered by both the facilitator and the incredibly diverse and dynamic group of members. I learn at least one or two new things every month and I have gained access to a whole new team of colleagues that I wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to know. Relationships drive the world and my relationship with The Strategy Forums and its members is one I value.”

Doug McCoigeDirector of Operations

Forum: Key Executive – Leading Through Authority

“I am thankful for the insights and honest perspectives I receive from my LTA Forum members. I have found both personal and professional growth as a result of the feedback each month.”

Dora LutzFounder & President

Forum: CEO

“If you’re a business owner, sometimes I bet you feel like your on an island. Leading the charge in your business without anyone to talk to, understand you or even to help you. That was me about four months ago, then I met Sally. Long story short, I was a skeptic at first, but now I am all in. If your a business owner and you want to talk to people who can understand you, help you and even challenge you, this is the place for you.”

Todd MuffleyCEO

Forum: CEO

“Sally’s business experiences, professional insights, and capabilities as a facilitator are second to none. The discussions she prompts and her ability to challenge the members of our CEO Forum have developed me as a leader and a business professional. She has attracted an incredibly diverse group of professionals and the CEO Forum is normally the highlight of my month.”

Will BaradaPresident

Forum: Key Executive – Leading Through Influence

“Right off the bat at my very first meeting the group encouraged me to make a painful but necessary decision that more than paid for an entire year of The Strategy Forums. Sally Tassani is one of the most skilled facilitators I’ve ever met!”


Luke MoreheadPresident

Forum: President

“Participation in The Strategy Forums has enabled me to think more strategically about my organization. The interaction with Sally and the other members of the President Forum has truly been invaluable to me, personally and professionally.”

Alison MartinExecutive Director

Forum: CFO

“I heartily recommend the Strategy Forums CFO group to any and all professionals engaged in their company’s finances. Those with the titles of CFO or controller will benefit from the information presented at monthly group meetings and the interaction with group members. I have been with the Forum since inception and find networking with members equally valuable for problem solving and the sharing of ideas and experiences. I come from South Bend, IN and my travel is considerable, but well worth the investment.”

Mike MajorCFO

Forum: HR

“Even as a relatively new member of the HR Strategy Forum, I was quickly able to see the value in belonging to this group. Simply having the opportunity to meet, interact with, and support fellow HR professionals from around Indiana has been a joy. The wealth of knowledge, encouragement, and guidance (I could go on and on) gained each month is tremendous. It’s refreshing to leave the confines of the office for a day and learn about best practices in the industry, as well as hear about how others are implementing their rewards and recognition program, or their training platform – the perspective is priceless! The HR Forum has been a true outlet and resource for me, and will be for years to come.”

Kristen ThomasHR
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