Our strategic planning services help organizations clarify, compose and manage plans for smart growth and innovation.

The Strategy Forums engages a process which will ultimately help you define the outcome you want, and then we will help you get there. We not only offer the expertise of our organization and experience, we also tap into our network and put the smartest minds to work for you.

There are a myriad of ways to get to your end game.  We help you think through your strategic options, identify goals, and enable execution.


Strategic Assessment

Everything we endeavor, small or large, requires us to get organized for the mission. And, every company has a repository of assets that will benefit them in the journey. However, often, they struggle to recognize what those assets are, what they can do with them, and what tools they already have in achieving something more significant. The Strategy Forums offers an opportunity to look deeper within your organization and assess those assets and attributes that represent durable competitive advantage. It is this advantage that can be leveraged to access something greater. We call this unlocking value, and it is the first step in understanding the mission and defining an outcome you desire. From Strategic Assessment, you can gain confidence and establish your end goal.

Market Positioning

The Market Positioning of your product or service can make all the difference in whether it will be successful or not. Technology mapping and Intellectual Property strategy are keystones in maximizing return on invested capital. Navigating the intellectual property playing field can be challenging. We don’t file for patent protection for the sake of just protecting an invention. We protect our inventions, because they have been targeted at specific unmet market needs. It is these unmet needs and our ability to establish strategy around intellectual property and trade secrets that determine the rate of return. Simply put, The Strategy Forums helps you map the playing field itself, identify the entry point and strategy, and claim the territory that your company desires.

Organizational Structure

Once we know what we want to achieve, we must set the stage for success. That means having the right people in the right seats in the room, committed to a defined outcome. This can be one of the toughest stages in the journey. Many companies have mismatches either in the organizational chart itself or the individuals carrying out those functions. The world is full of well intended people; however, if the mismatch is significant enough, it results in non-performing businesses and unhappy employees. The Strategy Forums will work with you to develop the right organizational structure, and then, we use today’s best assessment tools to match professional talent, experience, and personal capacity with a structure that is designed for success.

Planning and Execution

So many businesses today feel their way through it and make decisions based on what is in front of them at the time. Yet good business planning better assures the outcome we seek. These efforts do not have to be arduous and difficult. In fact, they can be very effective and efficiently pulled off when the right professionals are part of the process. The professionals of The Strategy Forums make execution a priority and offer a process for success. We do not intellectualize and then leave. We work with clients to manage the process through whatever the market throws at us. We integrate with your company to maximize value as a predefined destination…as an exit, a transition, or a captured market. We commit to strong analysis, support throughout, and your mission.
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