You’ve been thrust into HR and it’s a great opportunity. You have the ear of senior management and the em- ployees see you as their advocate. The learning that you are going through is like drinking from the proverbial fire hose. It’s fast and furious and great until you start wondering if you are doing it right. Mistakes can be costly and that’s the last thing you want for yourself or your company.


The depth and breadth of HR is beyond your imagina- tion. There’s hiring and firing and compensation and payroll and the ever-changing employee handbook. And, then there are the people who have special needs and special requests and none of it is easy. If it were, they would go to someone else. But, they come to you and you are supposed to have all the answers.


It is an art, all right, and sometimes a science. You know you need to be good at it. You know that it takes time and experience but those are the two things that you are short on. You’re long on energy, long on desire to do things the right way, long on trying hard but short on gray hair. Short on years of guiding, directing and maneuvering the nuances of politics and opinions.


You need to be good, no great, at giving and get- ting it. And, you need to teach others how to provide feedback that is direct, meaningful and constructive. Our Midwestern culture doesn’t help. Sometimes being nice isn’t nice at all. Holding up a mirror is tough, particularly when people want to be your friend and the company isn’t that big.


Let’s face it the work will always be there. Do you really think you will ever catch up? Do you ever think you will have enough of a handle on it all that it will actually get easier? It will and here’s how.


The HR Roundtable has been designed with you in mind. Imagine sitting in a comfortable and confidential setting with a handful of colleagues. Imagine being able to bounce your questions and insecurities off an experienced professional that talks straight and can set you straight. Can you afford to take a few hours out of your already busy day? Can you really afford not to?


How do you get started? It’s really very simple and it starts by talking with Joann. It can be face to face or on the phone but either way it is a chance to ask a few more questions and get comfortable. What does it cost? Roundtables are $200 a month, billed quarterly to your company. Where? Meetings are held at The Strategy Forums, which is our facility designed to encourage interaction and free your creative juices. When? The HR Roundtable meets once a month at 9 AM and ends before noon. Arrive at 8:30 for breakfast. Ask for the schedule of specific dates.


Check out our bios. We have built companies from the ground up. We have lead and played significant roles in private ones and even mega sized public ones. We have partnered with and been certified by the best of the best. We facilitate and coach at every forum and every juncture.

Want to test drive an interaction? Call us. Want to test drive a Forum? You have to join because we don’t kick tires, we focus on our members and their results.

We meet at The Strategy Forums, which is our own facility designed to encourage interaction and free your creative juices. Our meetings are monthly and the calendar is set a year in advance. There are no excuses. Only results.

Talk to either of us and see if this is right for you.

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